There is always a better way of doing things and we strive by continuous improvement in service. We try to gather as much information about the prospective bride or groom, the family, background, culture and what they want from the partner and then try to match with the available database.

Again when the matter is as important as choosing a life partner we feel we should not limit the choice to only one database, so we tied up with reputed family oriented matrimonial bureau in Pakistan to provide us with some more quality inputs, so that we can offer you with still wider range of choices.

We don’t stop here. We go a step further and would continuously advertise in most of the relevant newspapers and media to find more matches for you as well as others who we are working with and try to get you further more options. Our endeavor is to provide you with the best possible matches available.

So take the first step and register with Bandhen and see how we can completely transform your dream search into a smooth transition to matrimony.